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Character Fact - Sam

Journal Entry: Sun May 15, 2016, 1:33 PM

Sooooooo I got tagged by Jullelin, KimenLie and SilvesterVitale :XD: You guys requested to know some more about Sam it seems. Lets go :la:

1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other characters..... We'll se about that xD 
3. Post their names along with their creators' avatars

Sammy Sommer

Youre not helping by Mendokusee YFS's Sammy Sommer by Mendokusee Bestest of friends by Mendokusee 

1) Sam is the only child from Rodd and Mendo. He had a pretty strict upbringing and is used to be "on his own" cause Mendo rarely let him have anything for free. Rodd on the other hand was the "soft" parent and didn't usually agree to Mendo's treatment of their son. "How should he learn if you help him all the time?" Was usually Mendo's reply to her husbands pleading when she had put Sam through some big tasks. So needless to say. He is used to be some what of an handy man and fixes his own things that breaks, take himself from A to B without any fuss etc.

2) In the beginning of his career he was a event rider but as the years have gone by and he has grown more into what he likes he has narrowed it down to only show jumping competitions. Though he still enters easy 3DE events and/ or dressage events.

3) Loves music (especially house & club) and is often found humming along or singing along. His voice isn't perfect but it doesn't sound bad at all when he tries.

4) He is the one from YFS that has the most wins.

5) Has trouble handling his emotions under heated discussions (even if he tries really reaaaallllly hard). Kei is a good example on how bad he is to keep a lid on all his feels. They usually end up fighting (he's an emotional guy you girls out there ;D) and she is the one he has had most fights with.

6) Sexual orientation on Sam is: Straight. He isn't super experienced (only have been all the way with 2 girls) but is prone to flirt more then he should... And probably does more then he thinks he does. 

7) Currently single but isn't looking for anything serious... yet! For the moment he is just enjoying life and what kind of company he ever may get a hold off. Everything between a kiss to a one nightstand. Sorry not sorry that he sounds sleazy all of a sudden xD The need for close contact have somewhat escalated from his last relationship and he can easily be frustrated from the lack of closeness with someone. That's usually a reason why he pays so much attention and focuses on his work, who has the time for a girlfriend anyway?! *not frustrated at all*

8) When Sam talks he uses gestures like... all the time, even when he's on the phone with someone he still flails around.

And I would like to know some more about...

Jullelin's Kei
SWC-arpg's Ava
abosz007's Will & Malin
SilvesterVitale's Nadir
KimenLie'a Lex
Moonpaw449's Cadice
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And sorry not sorry that I tagg you back XD

Skin by SimplySilent


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